Welcome to Iy Bee Projects Private Limited

IY Bee Projects Private Limited is an ISO 9001 that holds expertise in mainly three industries: Real Estate, Packaging along with Textiles and garments. The company had been in corporate din 1997 and since then we have been serving the nation with full efficiency. Currently we have our customers spread all over the east and the north eastern regions of India and we are looking for further expansion into other fields. We pay minute attention to the matter of quality and customer satisfaction. We have earned a good reputation in the industry and we would like to keep that way with our quality service.

Textiles & Garments

The segment of our business offers you with the finest textiles and garments that you will hardly find at rates we provide. We pay detailed attention to the quality and comfort of the cloth.....



We are also one of the leading service providers for you quality packaging. Goods of any sort can be packaged skillfully by our able team leaving you no room for worrying regarding the safety.......


Real Estate

Our company has earned its reputation with the finest source of real estate deals. Clients of all sorts can find excellent investment areas as they come to business with IV Bee real estate projects......